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Pohaku - Sacred Stones of Hawai'i

Stones (pohaku - rocks) are very sacred in Hawaiian tradition.

Smooth stones were considered to be masculine, while the pocked stones were feminine.

(included in this gallery are Petroglyphs and Heaius)

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Bellstone - Kaua'i

When struck, bellstones such as this make an errie ringing sound that can be heard from a great distance. The ancient Hawaiians used these for sacred purposes.

Solstice Stones - Kaua'i

Aligned to the Solstice.

Pictograph on a Solstice Stone - Kaua'i

Guardian - Maui

Female Stones - Maui

Foot Stone - Maui


Sacred Circle - Maui

Sea Spiral - Maui

Stone People - Hana, Maui

Another Guardian - Maui

Sky Watcher - Maui



Healing Stone - Maui

Hawaiians used to sit on this stone as the waves washed across them for healing.

Lava Stone Wall - Maui


Hauloa - City of Refuge - Kaua'i

Whenever a Hawaiian broke "kapu" (forbidden), if he could make it to a Place of Refuge, his life would be spared.

Hauloa - City of Refuge - Kaua'i

Hauloa - City of Refuge - Kaua'i

Hauloa - City of Refuge - Kaua'i

Ancient Petroglyph

Hauloa - City of Refuge - Kaua'i

Petroglyph Stone

Birthing Place - Kaua'i

Sentinil - Maui

Petroglyphs near Heiau - Maui

Heaiu Ruins - atop hill with petroglyphs - Maui

"The name Hai-au usually is applied to a temple of war where human victims were sacrificed to Ku. Hei-au refers to the older temples where schooling, marriages, blessing of crops and fishing were the main activites." - Inez Macphee Ashdown

Different view of previous heaiu - Maui

Looking out to sea from the Heaiu - Maui

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