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Haleakala Summit

Paradise Text Reference


"We spoke very little, and quietly, because the Crater was our Temple, and we were close to God and His spirits up there. When we saw ourselves in the Aka-ku-'anue-nue (Spectre of the Brocken - circular rainbow, in the center of which is the shadow of the person seeing it) we felt blessed in knowing that the halo-rainbow with our shadow meant we were seeing our souls." - Inez MacPhee Ashdown

"In the Mahele (legends and creation) we learn not only of Maui and Pele and creation, but about the family which includes Poli-ahu of the snows who still dwells on Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa on Hawaii, and her sister Lili-no-e of the mists, and their relative Liu-La (Twilight), and Ke Kona who rules the southern storms, and Nau-lu, who rules the sudden showers and 'liquid sunshine,' and 'U-kiu-kiu rules the northern storms, and all the others too numerous to mention here. Their pathway is the Puka-lani, which is the division space between the cloudbanks of 'U-kui-ku and Nau'lu on the slopes of Hale'akala." - Inez MacPhee Ashdown

"When we found the 'Awaloa (burial places) caved-in or otherwise opened, we covered them again and hid the openings. Till today I shall keep the secrets of those places, and hope that others will protect them and all sites dear to the minds, hearts and hands of our ancestors on Maui." - Inez MacPhee Ashdown


"Of course we consider the Hina-hina (Silversword) to be sacred and magical, so protected it in every way..." Inez MacPhee Ashdown

A Dragon in the Mist

Invoking the Gods

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Inez MacPhee Ashdown

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