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I have created for myself a "Dreaming Place" in the etheric streaming on Kaua'i. I invite you to come to this place whenever you feel guided, for healing of yourself, others and the planet. I use this place as a starting point for my journeys into Dreamtime. For those of you who are on my Pihanakalani list, I will invite you at specific times and for certain purposes, to gather in this Dreaming Place with me for personal and planetary light work.

The bowl inside is the "spirit bowl" -- symbolic of the vessel of the soul as it is filled with the light of spirit.

If you were to turn around (from the view in the artwork above) you would see a beautiful beach cove, sands shining crystalline in the sun. In Dreamtime, things are not identical to their physical counterparts, nor will each of us see or experience this dreaming exactly the same. When you visit my Dreaming Place, allow yourself to paint the colors and textures of your own dream upon the canvas of your soul-sight. As we all invoke our individual sights and feelings of the Dreaming Place, so the textures will layer into a marvelous, rich expression; building in clarity and intention.

There is a special on the physcial plane, which my inner-planes mentor calls the Iao crystal ('iao' in Hawaiian means 'supreme light'). We keep it on our sanctuary land, It it light-encoded with the frequency of the higher Light realms connected to the FireGem Matrix of Hawai'i. You may save this image of the Iao crystal to your desktop for meditation and attunement.

A Hui Hu (until we gather again), Maia Mallika



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