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Aloha, what a week this has been!  Simeon and I made a sacred journey of our own (just the two of us) to the Hawaiian island of Kaua'i.  This island is the most ancient in the chain, and therefore contains the most actual land mass of Lemuria than any of the other islands; although much eroded from that original state of that continent. Mount Wai'ale'ale in the center of the island and it's tallest peak, is the ingress of the phi gate, now forming as part of the greater Hawaiian matrix. I requested of Thoth a term which would encompass ALL the components of the Hawaiian matrix:  in addition to the phi gate there being the maiden grid, the roil point and other aspects and dynamics of this matrix not yet revealed to me. In response to my request I was given the name "FireGem Matrix." It was made known to me that the FireGem Matrix will continue to grow and develop as it's central roil point unfolds the codons (DNA sensors) within the spiral proceeding up and through it from the central sun atoma of the planet.

If we peer back into time through my akashic perception, we can see the island of Kaua'i after Lemuria's demise and yet still within the Age of Atlantis. At that time, despite the volatile volcanic activity in that region, Kaua'i (known then as "Atmanu") was primarily an island of healing centers, there being many hot springs then, of exceptionally healing mineral waters.

Later along the time line Kaua'i and the other islands of the chain were settled by the E'mu race. The whole archipelago was then known as Elei'i. Kauai was called Amakui'i.  Both Egyptians and East Indians arrived in Amakui'i during the latter part of this period--before the Assyrians who became the "Polynesians." The Egyptian voyagers were a small band guided through the vision of the spiritual leader, Ologangi, who did not come with them in the body. They called themselves the Kapha or Order of the Radiant Serpent. This Order was not confined to Egypt, but was also active in several other countries as well. The voyagers were only 10 in number...six men and four women. They had begun their journey as 12 - six men and six women, but two of the women had died during the long and arduous journey. These visionaries had landed upon Paki (Ohau) first, but were guided to continue on to Amakui'i (Kaua'i). Even with a welcoming from the E'mu they did not fair well there physically, and lasted only 3 generations. Some of the Egyptian bloodline was absorbed into the E'mu population, but they otherwise faded from the island. Their main temple complex (small and modest) was located above the Wailua River, so that they could look down upon the "radiant serpent."

The East Indian group came a few hundred years later. They also were members of the Order of the Radiant Serpent. They too, had followed the vision of the original leader, Ologangi (at that time he was still alive and well in the Himalayas., living to be 1006 before he chose to make his transition). This group began as 25 souls at sea, arriving with 16 members still in the body. They were led (remotely) by Ologangi to an area that is now the San Marga Sanctuary and site of the future Iraivan Temple (now under construction). In this place they built their temple complex...again a modest effort, although more expanded than the Egyptian version. These Eastern visionaries lasted 5 generations before becoming absorbed into the E'mu population.

The highlight of our visit to Kaua'i was being able to go to the San Marga Sanctuary and Iraivan Temple site. Unfortunately, they only allow a complete tour of their marvelous sanctuary on certain days of the month...not the days we were there. However, some of the sanctuary was available to us. We also attended a Puja in the smaller Kadavul temple. For more on the sanctuary and temple, go to the Kaua'i Gallery.

Kaua'i is the only one of the Hawaiian Islands to have rivers...seven of them streaming from the font of Mount Wai'ale'ale, the summit of which is one of the wettest places on earth.

We truly felt the ancient Lemurian energy here. There is a powerful, primal feeling about the island and yet it is also soothing and inviting in its verdant praise of life. The first day we saw a mother Monk seal with her newborn baby (black "lump" touching noses with Mom). We felt welcome.


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