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In her book Ke Alaloa O Maui, Inez MacPhee Ashdown writes about the West Maui Mountains and the mystical attributes given to them by the ancient Hawaiians. She tells of a mountain named Mauna Li-hau, which was named after a chiefess "in the days of Gods walking on the earth". I intuit that these "Gods" were the original E'mu race. Inez writes about Mauna Li-hau: "In the moonlight the crest of this mountain resembles a woman lying face up, her knees bent, and her hair flowing down the cliff into Olowalu Valley."

Inez tells us that the topmost peak of Uku-me-hame is Hoku'ula, The Sacred Star of Aldebaran. Below it is a hill in the valley's center named Hoku Wa-iki, for the smaller stars in the constellation of Taurus.

Then there is 'Eke, an ancient volcanic crater that Inez states: "once was a settlement of priests and attendants who taught, among other subjects, astronomy and astrology." She has an accompanying  ariel photo in her book of this site, the ruins barely visible in the undergrowth. The picture was taken during WWII. It is quite poor, but one can see what appears to be a very large ruin or rather complex of ruins, atop 'Eke.

The West Maui mountains are very steep and still quite wild. There are very few known trails into this region. I continually feel drawn to the interior. Iao Valley in the northern section of these mountains, but to go deeper in not a good idea for anyone.  People go in and on occasion, do not come out again. Yet Maui is such a peaceful settled island all around it's shoreline and even into the Upcountry of Haleakala, it is easy to overlook the mysterious and impenetrable jungle in it's midst within the West Maui Mountains. It is this older part of the island that was 'there' as part of Lemuria, although it is more eroded now. Haleakala, being much younger, is more recent lava flows covering chunks and bits of the old continent.

Let us come together in the rain-drenched green of the ancient mountain of Maui.  Feel the mist and the rainbow light against your skin. We move our spirit into the song of a distant bird. Bathe in the crystal streams, open your heart like a flower and accept the dew into the sacred center of your being. Follow the "Sacred Star" to the peak of Hoku'ula and offer yourself to the sky and the sea. All the elements come together in you. Your GIFT to the earth is as rich as the soil beneath your feet. Aloha 'Aina...love the sacred land that gives birth to you.

A good article on the West Maui Mountains

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