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As we stand upon the brink (and are now within the light shadow of) the Venus Transit, let us bring together the Dreamweaving strands and come together in the Dreaming Place to sit in silence and in-breath the sea and the land, the sun and the sweet, warm rains of the Aina (land). The earth is our Mother, but she is also our friend, our companion on the journey Home. Like the Magi, we now follow the Star, opening our hearts and our souls the the passage beyond the wave, where the Forever Islands glisten upon the horizon. We sing to them, we offer them our Aloha. Soon another wave will carry us on, closer to the shore. Let us embrace the potential of new horizons that comes with the tide of Venus upon us now. We make our leis and sing our chants. We toss the leis upon the sea and begin the climb to the summit of the House of the Sun (Haleakala) to offer our Light to the Light of the Star from the sacred spirit bowl of the earth. Across from us on the distant shore of the island Hawaii, we can see Mauna Loa shining in the clouds. Here the center of the roil point of the planet reaches across the water to her Sister Haleakala. They sing to the Star and we join them (on the day of June 7th). On the 8th we come to the shore once more, to bathe in the Pool of Venus and also the Seven Sacred Pools, where our offerings to the Mother are given joyously as the actual Transit occurs.

Ua mau ke ea o ka 'aina i ka pono
(The life of the land is preserved in righteousness)

Maia Christianne


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