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Today I awoke with the inner voice telling me to take the two Tiki statues (which were in-spirited through ceremony upon arriving on Maui) to the Iao Valley rainforest. Upon arising, Simeon greeted me with "Let's go to the Iao Valley today!"

Iao means "Supreme Light." Driving from the sunlight into the cloudlight of the Iao Valley is a mystical experience. the Presence of the mists embraces you and yet holds you at arm's length at the same time. It seems to say, "Remember the ancient lands of the mists? They are among you still, the primal rhythms of the soul...in the beginning that has no end." Yet there is the feeling of being appraised by a place out of time...beyond the safety net of one's boundaries and logic.

Iao Valley is the primal "Mist of Avalon" of the Island. It was here that the ali'i" or Hawaiian royality were buried in secret caves in order to protect their "mana" or power from misuse. Several major battles were fought here, and yet the mists of Iao seem to wash the valley clean and ther rich green vegetation speaks of renewal.

Under the vigilant gaze of the famous "Iao Needle" Simeon and I found a sheltered grove. There upon a large rock, we placed the Tiki statues and their companion crystal and invoked the Spirit of the Valley...the mists, the lush growth...the sacredness of it all, to enter into the Tikis and breathe into them the breath of the Island. We asked that these guardians (the Sacred Breath instilled Tikis) open the way for us into the Otherworld of Hawai'i through the path of Nature and the devas of the Forest. The ceremony complete, I was guided to go further down to the rushing stream and submerge the Tikis and the crystal into the stream, taking three river stones with me to accompany the Tikis in their "Journeys". Tomorrow I will gather three sea stones to add to the "circle".

I INVITE YOU TO JOIN ME in being received within this Circle of Light, filling you with the sweet rain mists of Iao Valley...the rushing water, the deep green mansions and bird song, calling you into that soft yet powerful ancient place of you being where all paths meet in the soul.

The two Tiki Guardians come to you and escort you into the Light Circle of Mists. You hear the birdsong of the One who is your Singer. Follow it into the perfect center of Love and rejoice, for you are home!


Io dwelt within the breathing space of immensity,

The universe was in darkness, with water everywhere,

There was no glimmer of dawn, no clearness, no light.

And he began by saying these words,

That he might cease remaining inactive,

Darkness, become a light-possessing darkness!

And at once light appeared.

- Polynesian chant (Handy et al. 1965, 49)


Amama Ua Noa (Now the Prayer has Flown)

Maia Christianne

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