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The more time I spend in Hawai'i I am becoming aware that there is more "Lemuria" left in the whole of it than I had previously thought. The enormus explosion which I perceived as the final death of that land seemed to tear it so apart, I doubted that much remained. However, I sense that there are some chunks mixed in with "new" lava, at least on Maui, so I presume on the other islands as well.

Since returning from the rainforests of the East Coast (Hana) I have been sensing nature spirit beings in my field that I feel connected to my aura while over there. They are very loving and light...yet a deep power abides in them as well. Then there is the Goddess of Haleakala whom I made contact with at the lava point. She keeps turning me over in the palm of her hand like a smooth stone. She causes me to breathe in fluidity.

I have also been feeling and seeing some of the people of the H'wa...my perception of the E'mu-Polynesians who were PEACEFULLY spawned from inter- breeding with the E'mu (Tall Blonde Lemurian race) before the more war-like Polynesian wave came to the Islands and killed the E'mu males.

A soft, silky feeling accompanies them. They sit around a hole in the ground that emits incense of some kind as the sing chants which heightens their communion with their E'mu amakua (ancestors). They are close to the earth and yet highly intelligent and "royal" in their appearance and bearing. I do not mean to say that they act above others, as they seem very humble; yet they are naturally noble. They are dark-skinned with flowing black hair...some with reddish highlights. Their eyes range from hazel, grey, to blue or green. They are tall like their E'mu ancestors. I feel that the H'wa are my path to deeper communion with the E'mu. The H'wa seem full of MUSIC. I cannot yet
hear their songs with my ears, but it plays in my soul.

Blessings from an Enchanted Isle, Maia

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