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On Friday, April 23rd we ventured to the East Shore, where the town of Hana is located. This journey takes one on the narrow and twisting Hana Road through 30 miles of rainforest along the shore. Again, one of Mauiís "Faces"Ė very different from her other Faces and charms. While we have experienced her rainforests in other locations on the Island, the East Shore on the lower reaches of Haleakala exudes the meaning of "rainforest" more than any other area on the island. It distinctly reminds me of the book and later the movie in the 1950's: "Green Mansions," which was situated near Angel Falls in Venezuela (the nation of my birth). Yet it is more the movie version that strikes a similarity for me, and not the actual rainforests of South America, which are far wilder than the East Shore of Maui. Along the Hana Road oneís sense of being with nature moves to the CENTER rather than expanding outward, as in some localities. The protective lushness of vegetation wrapped me a cocoon of green light and fragrant smells, transporting my senses to a state somewhat like lucid dreaming. The devas are very present and open in this region. They reach out and invite you IN.

It is much different for me in the Iao Valley. Iao is heavenly but there is a severity present...a sense of being watched by Guardians pervades the beauty. They are not angry or vengeful. There presence nevertheless reminds you to be respectful of the specific culture that still commands the Valley. Over 10,000 died in the great battle there, fought between King Kamehameha and the King of Maui. The streams ran red with blood. We have heard from a local that there are places in the Iao Valley where one distinctly feels unwelcome and a darkness prevails; and just a small distance away, the LIGHT is very present and accepting to those who are respectful of the sacredness of the place. We were also told by this same person that some years ago a rather large team from National Geographic came into Iao Valley to try to locate the burial caves of the kings. They were warned by the locals that these caves carried a "kapu" (taboo), yet the team was undaunted and plunged into the valley, searching for the caves. 10 of their members did not return and were never found.

The rainforests along the Hana Road do not seem to carry such an intense duality. The town of Hana itself is small and not outstanding from other towns on Maui, except for itís isolation and lack of major tourism. The tourists come through but it is not a tourist "hang out."

I was especially intent on visiting the area of Koki Beach, just outside Hana. I had seen photographs of the small island off shore there, and felt a strong personal connection with it in an ancient time. The following is my brief akashic view of this area. Tapa, an Eímu Temple Complex in the province of Uíchun on the island of Mona (Maui), Eíleii (Hawaii)

On the current island of Maui, Tapa is located at and around Koki Beach just outside Hana on the West Shore. The Temple of the Anointing was located on the small isle just off shore. This isle still exists at Koki, but is about half the size it was in the time when Tapa existed. In that ancient period, there was also a small land bridge connecting the small isle to the main shore. To view the isle as it is today.

I also have akashically viewed this same area further back in the age of Lemuria. Strangely enough, although this particular region of Maui should have been completely different that long ago from a purely geological perspective, and yet to me, it appears very similar to the present formation. Spending some time with this, I came to the realization (from my own perspective) that the area had "re-formed" in a later period to duplicate in essence the more ancient topography. When strong "mana" is present and focused upon by thinking beings or even sentient devas, I believe that it can continue to re-form geologically in a specific manner. The Lemurian version of the Tapa/Koki island can been seen in one of my last art works before leaving Santa Fe.

I hope to create an art work of the island during the Eímu occupation in the future.

We also went to another area along that coast that was covered with black lava fields, much the same as La Perouse Bay on the South Shore. However, this particular area on the West Shore (which I shall call "Molu," using an ancient akashic name for it) is more severe in itís mana...here I DID feel the "Watchers," Although there presence was less "cloaked" than those in the Iao Valley. There are some Polynesian temple ruins in this area.

Simeon and I perceived a powerful ley line running from the summit of Haleakala to a large lava stone broken away from the shore and sticking out of the pounding surf. We communed with the stone and sent healing light from the ley line through the stone and out into the world. I offered some toning, and as I did so, felt a strong feminine presence coming out of Haleakala. I perceived this presence to be an aspect of Pele, registering through the dormant volcano of Haleakala as "Tanachi," using one of Her ancient names which I received. Her power was formidable, and yet I felt very "heard" and accepted by this earth being. I took a photograph of Haleakala summit, running down the ley line to the rock, right after I had communed with Tanachi. In this photograph, notice the sphere of light that appeared in the pixels.

We also went to the Seven Sacred Pools, but a large rainstorm had caused the pools to be flooded with swirling muddy water, so the Haleakala Park Service had temporary closed them. We could view them from higher on the trail and felt their "Grail" energy, if but a bit churned up at the moment. It was sad to see so much muddy water, for before the Polynesian brought pigs to these Islands, the streams always ran clear, even when flooded. The pigs root in the soil, tearing plants up so that the soil becomes silt in high rains. This silt then washes down the streams, emptying into the sea and doing damage to the coral reefs.

The Seven (actually about 20) Sacred Pools I see as the Grail Point on Maui, and very attuned to the realm of Avalon, which comes out of the matrix of the British Isles. We will be including these Pools in our sacred work in the future.

We have also heard once again, about pyramids on Maui. This time, we were told that there is a submerged pyramid just off the coast along the Hana Road. As the story was told us, excavation of this pyramid was stopped by the "government." We have no substantiating evidence to back up this story.

Blessings from an Enchanted Isle, Maia

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