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Aloha from Paradise,

On Saturday, April 3rd we went to the summit of Haleakala. Before sharing with you our experience there, I would like to preface with some information about Haleakala. In actuality, the greater part of the isle of Maui IS Haleakala, as it is the largest of two volcanos that compose the whole of the island. The other volcano is so ancient it no longer "is"...what remains of it composes the West Maui mountains. We live on the South Shore of Maui at Keihi, which is on the Haleakala part of Maui.

To view maps of Maui's formation from the conjoining of the volcanos:  map 1 / map 2

Haleakala is the largest dormant volcano in the world, it’s summit being 10,023 feet in altitude.

According to Ellie & William Crowe, in their book "Exploring Lost Hawaii" it is the strongest natural power point in America. "There is an energy configuration coming from the earth and a high focus of radiation coming from outside the atmosphere. The volcano sits like a might pyramid in the Pacific. According to Mike Townsend, park ranger and naturalist, the huge, iron-rich cinder cone called Magnetic Peak has a magnetic field strong enough to deflect a compass needle...The cinder cones within are volcanic vents that may form electromagnetic lines from the center of the earth."

Considering that all the Hawaiian Islands are radiating the "roil point" of the planet (the center being at Mauna Loa on the Big Island which can be seen from Maui), we see Haleakala as one of the most powerful energy points on the planet...probably only second to Mauna Loa on the Big Island.

While little of the actual continent of Lemuria still exists as "Hawai’i"(and that covered with lava deposits), as I write about on Spirit Mythos, the Hawaiian Islands re-create the Lemurian matrix on a micro-level. Hawai’i is the most isolated major island group in the world. In it’s former pristine state, most of the birds and plants in these islands were regenerated from the Lemurian matrix, having existed on that former continent in the last period of it’s existence. Unfortunately, at this time 72% of all extinct species in the U.S. are from Hawai’i. Further, 1/3 of the plants and birds listed or considered for listing on the Federal Endangered Species List are Hawaiian. Originally, there were no mammals on the lands of the Hawaiian Islands other than a type of monk seal and a type of bat. All other mammals and many birds and plants have since been introduced to Hawai’i...most to the great detriment of these Islands. The State bird, the Nene or Hawaiian Goose is a prime example. It is now only found in the National Parks of Maui and the Big Island, whereas it was once plentiful in these Islands, and not found any other place in the world. However, when the mongoose was introduced to Hawai’i, it effectively killed off most of the species. From my akashic insights, I see the Nene as an original species of Lemuria. This is true in my opinion, of the Silversword plant. From the Akasha, I perceive that the Silversword of Lemuria was known as the "Patrur’kwi", which means in Lemurian, the "chanting dance." The Lemurians knew the Patrur’kwi to sing and swirl its life force in marvelous spiral patterns, singing to the planet and quickening certain etheric levels of the earth. The Lemurians would harmonize with the Patrur’kwi’s silent song in sacred ceremony, using their voices and certain flute and digeridoo instruments to sing with the energy of the plant, which took on an even more powerful charge at the time of it’s blooming. The Silversword/Patrur’kwi (which is named "‘Ahinahina" in Hawaiian) takes up to 50 years before it blooms. It only blooms ONCE in it’s life and then it dies. The Lemurians perceived that very high devic beings resided in "hover" (overlight) with these sacred plant-beings. In the Hawai’i travels of Isabella Bird in 1873 she writes about seeing thousands of the Silversword at Haleakala. Now there are just a very few. The Silversword is found only in the crater (which is really more massive erosion than a true crater) of Haleakala and in the National Park of Mauna Kea on the Big Island.

Now to our recent journey to the summit/crater of Haleakala...

After having saturated the Tikis (and ourselves) in the mists of the Iao Valley, I felt summoned to take the these statues and crystal to the Haleakala summit. Following the easy but twisting road up Haleakala from sea level to the 10, 023 summit is a marvelous path to traverse. Until the actual crater at the summit is reached, the road winds through lush green pastures replete with cows and horses and interspersed with the Cook Pine (mis-named here as the Norfolk Pine) as well as many other trees and vegetation, both introduced to the Islands by foreign settlers and some of the unique, natural flora of Hawai’i. The passage is cool but not cold, with the liquid air of Hawai’i becoming a little more scarce as we climb higher and higher. Just this one hour and ˝ drive from Kehei at sea level to the heights of the dormant volcano we now live on, is a voyage through several eco-systems, as if we had traveled through several different exotic and familiar lands.

Once atop Haleakala we are transported to Cloudland. On this particular day (as with many I would imagine), looking down upon the rest of Maui from the summit, almost all is clouds against a brilliant blue sky above. It is as if the Haleakala summit is an island in the sky. The crater itself is an incredible Presence. Of course, I have seen many photographs of it, but to BE there is to be in the presence of the "God/Goddess" powers of Hawai’i in one of their most sacred abodes (certainly the most sacred on Maui).

Simeon found a crevasse next to a natural dolmen that was private and overlooked the crater below. It was small, but we snuggled into it and set out the Tiki statues and crystal and began our brief ceremony, which was basically to ask the sacred forces of Haleakala’s summit to embrace us and fill the Tikis with it’s "mana" or spiritual power. We also chanted with our eyes closed, and as we opened our eyes, the clear view below was now covered in misty cloud, the clouds gently coming up and around us. Soon it dissipated, and we could see the crater once again. The enshrouding in mists and their subsequent clearing was timed perfectly with our ritual.

We did not see any Nenes, but I did see and photograph a "Chukar," which is an introduced partridge and quite beautiful. The next day (today) we are both still feeling very different than we did before we ascended to the summit. It is a space of being with the Presence we received from the mana of the Haleakala crater.

In the Spirit of Hawai’i - Aloha, Maia

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