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My Akashic Insights on the Ancient History of the Hawaiian Islands

The Islands of Elei段 and it痴 Lemurian-Remnant Inhabitants

"Hawai段 nei" (all of the Hawaiian Islands) in very ancient times, before the arrival of the Polynesians to it痴 shores.

According to at least one Native Hawaiian who Simeon spoke with several years ago, the original inhabitants of Hawai段 were a very tall, blonde, blue-eyed race whom the Polynesians conquered, killing all the males and taking the females and children for breeding purposes. This same Hawaiian related to Simeon that recently (the early 1990's) a large burial ground of very tall, blonde male skeletons had been found. We have no way to verify this story, but my akashic insight reveals to me the truth of the ancient tall, blonde race in the Hawaiian Islands. I perceive that the tribe of this race inhabiting Hawai段 called themselves the E知u. They were from one of the remnant races of Lemuria. I believe that the Celtic Formorians of the British Isles were another tribe coming from that same Lemurian remnant race. The E知u named what was to become Hawai段, Elei段, which in their offshoot Lemurian language meant "wealth of the people."

Whereas the Formorians would appear to have been somewhat war-like, the E知u were a more enlightened kind, having maintained the Lemurian way of life, at least in spiritual essence. The "race" or bloodline of the "Tall Blonde Ones" (both E知u and Formorians as well as others of their kind) were what Thoth refers to as the Master Builders or Sun Bow Clan. The Sun Bow Clan originally came from the Blue Star Rigel in Orion, yet a large number of them dwelt in Lemuria. The E知u then, had managed to preserve at least some of the Master Builder痴 knowledge and innate spiritual wisdom through their spirit-link with their ancestors, or what the later Hawaiians would call the amakua (meaning "ancestors").

After the Polynesians bred with the E知u, a hybrid was created who became the ruling class of Hawai段. This royality or ali段 were taller than the pure Polynesians over whom they ruled, both men and women reaching a height of six feet or more. King Kamehameha I was over seven feet tall.

There was another remnant Lemurian race of people in Ele段, arriving with some of the later migrations of E知u. These have come to be known in later Hawaiian mythology as Menehune. These were (and still are) a very small people known to the E知u as the Paika. The Paika were/are part faery and part human, related to one of the two strains of Twatha de Dannan of the British Isles. They, also existed in Lemuria, but went underground long before the final cataclysms of that ancient continent. They still occasionally surface in these Islands.

The E知u and Piaka worked closely together to create a life in these magical Islands. As a result, the Piaka developed some of the amazing skills of the Master Builder E知u. Later Menehune stories reveal these small race to have been prodigious builders...but always "magically" and under cover of night.

We have heard from two separate sources living in the Islands, that both underwater and surface pyramids have been located in Hawai段...on/near Maui and the Big Island (perhaps other islands as well?) My communion with Thoth has verified this.

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