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"No alien land is all the world has any deep strong charm for me but that one, no other land so longingly and so beseechingly haunt me, sleeping and walking, through half a lifetime, as that one has done. Other things leave me, but it abides; other things change, but it remains the same. For me its balmy airs are always blowing, its summer seas flashing in the sun; the pulsing of its surfbeat is in my ear, I can see its garlanded crags, its leaping cascades, its plumy palms drowsing my the shore, its remote summits floating like islands above the cloud wrack; I can feel the spirit of its woodland solitudes, I can hear the splash of its brooks; in my nostrils still lives the breath of flowers that perished twenty years ago."

~ Mark Twain on his memories of Hawai'i



Yesterday we returned to the Ahihi Kina'u Natural Reserve Area (which includes La Perouse Bay, where we went earlier), taking a trail which led to an incredibly magical scene of turquoise blue lava pools with the open sea beyond. This is a protected area, so the colorful fish were visible before you eyes in the shallows. While Simeon swam off the point in the sea, I waded in a shallow pool, marveling at the healing powers of the water and land in that spot. All of the Ahihi Kinau area is a "Dolphin Temple," with the main whorla just of the shore and various smaller nodes attached to it through the area. What I am calling the Turquoise Lava Pools I felt to be an especially profound and nurturing point in the Ahihi Dolphin Temple. I perceive Ahihi to have been the location of a temple and residence complex of the original peoples of these Islands: The "E'mu" or Tall Blonde Race. It was much different then, as the lava flows of Ahihi were a result of the last eruption of Haleakala, which was in the 1700s. Nevertheless, I feel their presence pervading this region. We will definitely be returning often to the Turquoise Lava Pools and plan to do work with the Dophin Temple there in our future Sacred Gatherings.


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