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for those of you who would wish to join me in an intentional focus to create a clear pathing in the earth for the Phi Gate activation, I give the following procedure. I would suggest that if you have not already done so, first you read the Thoth, Merkabah of the Host transmission for 2005 on Spirit Mythos.

As the strands of liquid fire filaments flow through the inter-dimensional portal now forming through Mount Wai'ale'ale at the font of the FireGem Matrix for the planet, so waves of energy are cascading along the nesting grid lines of the earth. These grid pathways are rippling with new fire codes, as the whole planetary alignment is shifting to form the New Earth Hologram. This effect is triggering similar ripples and re-formation along the fault lines of the planet. Yet there is also the state of consciousness that is being drawn upon, like oil pumped to the surface of the soil. The planetary mass consciousness is literally being pulled forward along it's evolutionary path right now at an increasingly rapid rate.

I invite you to join me in setting the intention through visualization and/or meditational focus to hold the BALANCE of world consciousness as the Phi crystalline geometries spiral through the Gate to spin the weave of the Maiden Grid. As the Maiden Grid becomes alive, so the Divine Feminine of the earth will take a more fully active role in anchoring the BALANCE of the entire planetary grid as it re-forms into the New Earth Hologram.

There are five crystals we will work with to anchor this BALANCE:

1) The Sivalingam at the San Marga Sanctuary on Kaua'i

2) The Iao Crystal of Spirit Heart Sanctuary on Kaua'i

3) The A'dheem Phi Crystal now forming inside the mountain of Wai'ale'ale (the Blue Hole being it's access point)

4) A crystal called by Thoth the 'Harkara' within a cavern in the Himalayas

5) The Ne'er Crystal in the Inner Earth (the foremost Record Keeper crystal of the planet)

Meditational Focus

See a circle being formed of these five crystals. As the LIGHT from them rays forth to the CENTER of the circle, insert the intention of BALANCE, HARMONY and COMPLETION into that central light-orb. Visualize and/or feel it growing brighter and more radiant in Presence upon and within the planet. As you work with this energy process, you may find other pathways of seeing and feeling this dynamic opening for you on both a planetary and a more personal soul level.

A Hui Ho (Until we gather again), Maia Christianne


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