In the booklet The Kahuna Religion of Hawaii by David Kaonohiokala Bray and Douglas Low, is discussed the universal principles governing the formation of creational energy patterns based on the “Sacred Name of God of the Hawaiians”. According to the authors: “This name was never uttered except by one priest in any given generation on each of the major Hawaiian islands, and was unknown to the commoners.”

In Lemuria, there were 12 Sacred Lineages which flowed out of the bloodline of whom Thoth calls “the original Melchizedek” to come to earth. In Lemuria this being was known as Kani’homu, meaning “One of the Sacred Star Body”. From the “Star Body” Linage came the Atlantean “Pure Born” Grail Family of 12 Tribes. Yeshua (Jesus) came into incarnation through the Grail Linage.

Out of the 12 Lineages, 10 of these Lineages manifested in those island remnants of Lemuria (Kapapahanaumokukuikahikina) which would come to be known as Hawai’i. Thus, it is these specific 10 Lineages in Lemuria that concerns the Hawaiian history and mythology. In The Kahuna Religion of Hawaii the authors reveal:

“The first rulership of ten kings, each reigning seventy-seven generations, was on the true Motherland, Kapapahanaumokukuikahikina.”

“The second rulership of the four kings, each reigning seventy-seven generations, was during a brief flooding of the Motherland and on an island to the East along a river in a city named Manoa.”

“The third rulership of five kings, each reigning seventy-seven generations was on the Motherland.”

“And because of the abuse of power, flames consumed the land. The earth was rent asunder and Kapapahanaumokukuikahikina sank beneath the Healani Ocean.”

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